The recovery
year two, semester two
Situated on a corner lot at Geylang Lorong 14, this project aims to address the displacement of immigrant workers, specifically those who labor at construction sites. These workers are robbed of a decent rest and recreation space, often left with awkward and overly exposed public places such as unoccupied fields. The project seeks both recovery of space and dignity of immigrant construction workers, through the attempts of providing a mix of private and freedom spaces.
This apartment housing consists of 24 units (2-3 workers within a unit), where two units form a module. The pair shares a common space on a separate level from the bedrooms. The staggering and configuration of these modules creates external common areas shared by four units on even numbered levels. Odd numbered levels consist of more open spaces, giving opportunity for voids and gardens. These levels tend to be more open, yet provide sufficient privacy from passersby along Geylang Road. These living spaces are unlike the oppressive and unhealthy dorms workers live in.
The dimensions and configuration of the spaces within the unit draw inspiration from from the escalator scene in Chungking Express and the proportions of shophouses found at Geylang. Voids and skylights were manipulated to give the exterior spaces a sense of freedom by vertically connecting the different levels
600x700 panel for city exhibition 2012 
initial draft of a module: exploration of configurations to produce common and private spaces
draft of module configurations on floor plans - 6 storey high
further development of concept- staggering of units on plan and elevation
detailing the units - material and structure
construction axonometric drawn using sketchup and autocad
nus architecture
year two semester two project
by sandy k
tutor sven schichor