Chief Puzzle Officer
Chief Puzzle Officer is a puzzle game developed by DuoFun Studios. CDS was approached by the developers to design a variety of characters for the game.

We started off with nameless characters that are based on various professions such as 'nurse' or 'inventor'. These below are some of the artworks that were done for the game in the earlier stage. A number of these are collaborations between two artists with one artist providing the design and the other doing the FA. 
The Nurse is the character art that started it all! 
Original design by Lim Wei Lun and FA by Antonio Low
From left to right then bottom:
Psychiatrist, Fitness Trainer, Inventor, Vet, Scientist, Hacker, Artist, Dancer, Doctor (Female), Doctor (Male), Nurse (Sexy), Policeman, Talk Show Host
Later on, we started working on a higher tier of characters whom we label as Key Appointment Holders. These unnamed characters are meant to be stronger and more powerful than your regular unnamed characters. That is reflected in the more elaborate costume design for these characters. 
From left to right then bottom:
Chief Robotics Officer, Chief Surgeon Officer, Chief Fraud Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Music Officer, Chief Energy Officer, Chief Movie Officer, Chief Botanist Officer, Chief Pharmacist Officer
From here onwards, we focused on the named characters within the story, starting with the protagonist's secretary, Jenny and moving on to the various antagonists within the storyline. 
Early sketches of her various expressions to be shown within the game
Jenny the secretary was designed when we still thought the game was named 'Billionaire Maker'. There are part of her design that reflected that. No updates was made since it's a nice call back to when the game was still under development. Jenny was fully designed by Zi Rong.
Drooling Jenny is the face of the game
Out of the many antagonists within the storyline, Chantal stands almost opposite to Jenny. While they both start of as secretary-like figures, Chantal will go on to don a more elaborate costume to head the antagonistic organization. She will also headline CPO. Chantal is designed by Zi Rong with Antonio doing the finishing.
Original, unused designs for Chantal
Finalized designs for Chantal
There were other characters, villains, friends and mooks within the game and these characters were designed between Low Zi Rong and Mysterious Artist A over the period of a couple of months. 
From left to right then bottom:
Aidan, Scott, Marcus, Sasha, David, Mafia boss, Basil, Mellie
From left to right then bottom: 
The King, Royal Government Agent, Skylar (the hunky barista), Ninja Assistant, Vagrant, Bully
We've also came up with festive versions of existing characters. These are variants of the characters in festive-specific costumes!
You can download the game from the Google Play Store!
Character Artists:

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong: 
Inventor, Chief Energy Officer, Secretary Jenny, Inventor (CNY variant)

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong; FA by Tan Hui Tian: 
Vet, Hacker, Artist, Chief Robotics Officer, Chief Movie Officer, Chief Pharmacist Officer, Aidan, Marcus, David, Chief Security Officer, Chief Wrestling Officer, Chief Surgeon Officer (CNY variant), Chief Botanist Officer (Valentine variant), Marcus (Valentine variant)

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong; FA by Chelsea Low & Tan Hui Tian: 
Doctor (Male), Talk Show Host

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong; FA by Antonio Low: 
Doctor (Female), Policeman, Chief Surgeon Officer, Chief Fraud Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Music Officer, Chief Botanist Officer, Chantal, Mellie, Chief Gamer Officer

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong; FA by Khay Xin Yu (Desti):
Chief Education Officer, Chief Emergency Officer, Chief Dessert Officer, Chief Chef Officer, Chief Nature Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Stylist Officer, Chief Fitness Officer

Characters designed by Low Zi Rong; FA by Wong Yan Xiang:
Chief Florist Officer, Geologist, Chief Sanitation Officer

Characters designed by Khay Xin Yu (Desti):
Chief Concierge Officer, Ballet Dancer, Astronomer, Field Reporter, Chief Fashion Officer

Characters designed by Lim Wei Lun; FA by Antonio Low: 
Nurse (Cute), Nurse (Sexy), Psychiatrist, Fitness Trainer

Characters designed by Pricey:
Scientist, Dancer

Characters designed by Mysterious Artist A
Scott, Sasha, Mafia boss, Basil, King, Agent, Skylar (the hunky barista), Ninja Assistant, Vagrant, Bully

Account Management: KC Ng
CPO Icon art by Low Zi Rong
CPO Website sketch by Low Zi Rong
CPO Website FA by Antonio Low & Tan Hui Tian
Chief Puzzle Officer

Chief Puzzle Officer

CDS provided to Chief Puzzle Officer a number of character art, ranging from the humble Policeman to the face of the game, Jenny!


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