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    Series of illustration on tribal fusion bellydance. Diploma piece.
Tribal belly
Images of Tribal Fusion bellydance
This is my diploma piece on Tribal Fusion bellydance.

Usually visual interpretation of Tribal Fusion bellydance lies within the Art Nouveau style - ornamental, detailed as are the ornate stage costumes. My aim in these pieces was to shift the viewers attention from the shining accessories to a deeper view of the dance - intimate, sincere, sensual. As a dancer that is how I feel it.

I aimed to show the inner light that comes from the bellydancer, the intense energy flow circulating on the stage. The irony that is key in Tribal Fusion and respect towards ones body towards each other that allows this irony to happen naturally. The theatrical, handmade quality that this artform has. The bodywork of spine and belly which borders on moving meditaion adopting yoga and taichi practices. A warm, powerful, respectfull and sensual natural moves of a healthy body.