Condensing the point you're trying to make into a short sentence or two is an art form in itself. When combined with lucidity, boldness, and humor, the greatest epigrams in history are unapologetic slices of wisdom that hit harder than life.
This is why we decided to transform simple cover art into something much bigger. Our aim was to introduce Gramatik’s Epigram album art to the public in a broader and visually collaborative form. During 2015 we were creating a completely new visual language – an alphabet where each letter is assigned a specific iconographic connotation. This means that since the release of the album (March 25, 2016), fans have been able to come up with their own epigrams, create their own unique, individual Epigram album art and share it with the world.
Design, Direction, and Documentation: Nina Vrhovec, Miha Brodarič (Multipraktik)
Epigram Engine: Jono Brandel
Web: Lucijan Krajnc, Srđan Prodanović (Ljudje)
Animation: Jure Lavrin