o,0% álcool
Após a Lei Seca entrar em vigor, divulgamos a Cerveja Liber, como a única com o,0% de álcool. O que já era um feature natural do produto virou o conceito da campanha.
After the new prohibition of drinking and drive starts in Brazil we made this campaign to say Liber Beer was the unique having o,0% of alcohol. A natural feature of it started to be the campaing concept.<span "color:="" #4c4c4c;="" font-family:="" arial,="" helvetica,="" sans-seri="" of 
Bilboard Copy:
Goes even through your wife's breathalyzer.
Liber. 0.0% alcohol
Hypermarkets - Test drive action

Everyone thinks it's impossible having a non alcoholic beer with the same flavor as a normal beer, till having a Liber. So, that's why we made this action. It's the same flavor and you can drive without alcohol effects.

As soon people arrived at Hypermarkets they use to get a shopping cart with the message: 
"You can go to the drink section, try and drive off. 
Liber. The only beer with 0.0% alcohol".