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    A journey through the night. From London Fields to Dunwich.
An amazing experience! A night ride which we started at 21.00 leaving London fields, and arriving on Dunwich beach the next morning. 116 miles plus a 10 mile involuntary detour with a friendly chicken in tow.

Waiting in the Park for everyone to arrive. Getting there an 1hr earlier than everyone else wasn't my best move. Too much time to think about the journey ahead.
Catching a bit of cricket while waiting. That is in fact his real hair. 
The RAGE looking syched!
The Starting Line! 

'Pub in the Park', London fields. A few people were tucking into a last pint just before setting off.
Early Days.

All the lads looking rather cheery. I think we had only done about 20 odd miles at this point. TUCK IN MATE!
The sun rising. 

This was a pretty special moment, after cycling in darkness for the last 5 hours.
Probably the happiest I've felt from seeing a sign. It felt like a pretty damn long 7 miles though.
Seeek, Stoked bro! Jono looking a bit chuffed.
Made it!

Some of the guys not looking to bad considering the length of the cycle and lack of sleep. 

After this it was a little dip in the sea, a bacon sarnie and then an egg sarnie and a little snooze before the coach trip back.