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    A graphic introductory website to American Sign Language
You Sign
A graphic introduction to American Sign Language

For our Web Multimedia finals, we had to develop a website on any topic of our choice. I have always wanted to learn American Sign Language, and so I took this final project as an opportunity to teach myself and chose ASL as the subject of my website. You Sign includes instructional animations and illustrations, with sections on fingerspelling, common words, and conversational pieces in ASL.
While studying ASL, I had difficulty with the more complicated hand signs since the instructional aids were photos or videos of a person demonstrating the sign; I would often strain my eyes identifying which finger is which or which finger goes where. Because of this, I wanted to somehow help in the differentiation and identification of fingers, so I decided to color code each finger, and the colors would appear either on the fingernail or finger line. The You Sign logo (leftmost pair of hands above) serves as the color coding guide, which is always displayed on the top-left corner of the website for viewers to refer to.
–– all AMERICAN SIgn Language lessons based on lifeprint.com ––