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    Branding & video for an innovative architecture and urban design studio.
(Branding & Video)
Since 2003 Stación-ARquitectura has been working on innovative architecture and urban design projects in Mexico. The brand identity for this forward-thinking studio is based on their own design philosophy, which centers on creating clean and uncomplicated architectural environments that solve complex problems in simple ways, allowing the studio to concentrate their energy in generating functional, ample spa

Also for the project we shot a video about Casa 2G, a 360 square meter single family home designed by S-AR
This short documentary attempts to visually capture S-AR´s architectural philosophy.

The house was designed as a sanctuary from the surrounding urban environment, as well as a series of memorable architectural spaces with the people that live in them at their conceptual core.

Casa 2G creates sensory experiences and moments that enrich its inhabitant´s daily lives, thanks in part to its sparse materiality and handmade features, which pay tribute to the artisan work of local craftsmen. The nature of this space contrasts with false ideas of human progress in a world dominated by appearances and trends.
By taking a morning tour of Casa 2-G, the viewers are able to experience those special everyday moments spent in the house. As the windows open, we take in the natural changes in the environment, and we witness the dialogue between the house and the natural light as it evolves throughout the day.

Come nightfall, the house opens up its spaces so that the light from the fire can fill us with peace as it vibrates over the raw surfaces of its walls. In Casa 2G, ordinary routine is pleasantly interrupted, and transformed into memorable moments of harmony and spiritual consciousness.