Middle East Airlines
A branding course project where we had to rebrand Lebanon's official carrier: Middle East Airlines. The old logo consisted of a Cedar tree with the initials MEA in red, green and blue respectively.
The new logo consists of the company's name-Middle East Airlines-in both English and Arabic letters with a pictogram of a bird on it's right. The silhouette of the bird is done in a way where it looks like the base and a branch of a cedar tree. The color red was used, dropping the green and blue thus rendering the logo more contemporary. 

The stationary was designed with the same spirit while the catering and holidays sub-logos were a bit more symbolic. The silhouette used in the logo was reversed out on a pictogram of a plate (for catering) and a landscape (for holidays). 
Primary logo sketches -1-
Primary logo sketches -2-
Final logo
Catering sub-logo sketches
Holidays sketches
Final Catering and Holidays sub-logos
Business Card
Magazine Cover