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    festival branding
MesziStock Festival 2012
// Festival Branding

 shoot: Béla Bokor  /  aftertouch: Me
The Stock is an individually started, outside cultural event .In the beginning it was only a house party with approximately 100 people, and its success gave the idea to organise it as a festival in the future.
This is the Meszistock.

This year is the first official year of the event and the organisers thought, that its necessary to start to advertise in a more professional way, if they want to get the ppls attention.

The logo

- sweep-pole well as local symbol
- this not an fully electronic festival

   first time:  too electronic festival
   sec time:  its okay but the location it was changed

Poster  /  side A of flyer
&  side B
Facebook Cover & profile
website ( just elements ) = very simple structure, background, Header, banners..
finally, catch me at M.Stock as nevafade
for more information and graphic things ( Headers, banners...etc. ) please visit the www.meszistock.hu

if you like it
thank you for your time !