4th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications
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    Corporate identity of BVSS4
The Biennial of Visual Communications which is organized bythe Brumen Foundation represents the main festival event in this field inSlovenia. The corporate identity of the festival includes mostly printed mediasuch as: call for entries form, posters, the event's catalogue, advertisements,exhibition design, etc...

When creating corporate identity for the event, we used theidea of dots which make the logo of the Brumen Foundation. Traditionally,however, the dot symbol had been used in creating identities of the previousthree biennial events. For a starting point we usedChristian Schwartz's font Stag. He’s dot font, the Stag Bold Dot size 63PT was used as the basic pattern for creating variousillustrations in three colours - white, black and silver. Each illustration represents individual category of design works(typography, banner, corporate identity, interactive design...). Eachdesign work of the corporate identity of the 4th Biennial of Slovene VisualCommunications is represented using corresponding illustration.

We constructedan extensive system of various images linked by uniform style.