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    Art direction and graphic design for the corporate website of New Age Studio.
New Age Studio
New Age Studio is a company, dealing with creative, production and processing of all kinds of audio and video advertising products, as well as organizing, conducting and multimedia attendance of advertising events.

Main requirement for the site was to be dark grey / black, very minimalistic amd with some and abstract background.

I designed them a website, visually related to the old chinese game Tangram.
I tried to bring in the spirit of Tangram which is not only about playing with basic geometric shapes, but also about curiosity, combinativity, about asking yourself questions and giving answers and most of all - about playing while working which saves you from the routine and help you being productive and excited from your work.

Created for Noavis.
The video gallery.
The video player in action.
Fragment from the background.
The complete background 2560x1440px.