"Nothing is Original" Posters
Stranger Than Paradise
Down By Law
Night On Earth
Coffee & Cigarettes
Broken Flowers
The Limits of Control
I initially created this image on a whim, as a quick typographical experiment just to throw on my blog after reading Jim Jarmuch's Golden Rules of Filmmaking. Something like a "design something everyday" kind of thing. Sidenote: it was probs more like a "design something every week or so" instead of daily (thanks lack of discipline!), but at the time my particular theme was creating illustrations based on quotes or song lyrics.

Well apparently such a message resonated so much with so many people and after several requests for prints I eventually decided to release hi-res versions in several colorways inspired by different Jarmusch films.

And considering the quote's stance on "theft" and the sharing of ideas, I felt it best to release it under a Creative Commons license for everyone to download and print and distribute and remix or do pretty much whatever you want to do with it. PRINTS FOR THE PEOPLE Y'ALL!

Hi-res JPGs and 18"x24" PDFs are available HERE: http://markmalazarte.com/jarmusch/
"Nothing is Original" Posters