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    An informative and interactive design and concept for packaging and promoting artists
Creative Packaging
Brief: To design and make a promotional piece of packaging containing information about 3 digital artists.
This promotional packaging was to be given out as a free gift to the people coming to the exhibition.

The 3 artists I chose were:

* Andy Warhol
* Chuck Close                    www.chuckclose.com
* Lena Krashevskaya         www.be.net/LenaKrashevskaya

The artists work is their own and hasn't been adapted in this project.

The exhibition theme was about celebrating modern Portraits artists, all 3 artists offer different styles in their portraits but the one thing that links them together for the exhibition was the face .... their  ' MANY FACES ' ... which became the exhibition title.

Logo design for the exhibition: The words 'Many Faces' are spread out on a grid which represents the front of a rubic cube
Each artists different portrait work is displayed on their individual rubic cube. I've used the rubic cube because of its six sides and for a novel feel of engaging with each artist, in a tactile and interactive way.
This image shows the final product: Information board, art display cube in a plastic cover.
An alternative way to present the promotional information cubes would be:

To have one cube for all the the artists, showing one portrait image each with each of the artists names displayed on three cube faces.