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    Canada Day Cake for a Family Dinner July 1st 2012 to celebrate Canada's 145th birthday!
Please Note: The cake was baked using a Betty Crocker White Cake Mix, the Vanilla Mousse a Dr Oetker Shirriff Mix, and the icing from an old cookbook.

**I left out a very important detail about this cake, it was more than a cake to me, it was like therapy. On Canada Day 2011 I was out inline skating in my community and a woman I've never met in my life told me that her husband liked me. It was so creepy I called the police, they sent an officer named Scott Barnett to my home the next day and he located her and told me that this woman proceeded to tell him that not only her husband, but all her friends husbands liked me too. Long story short, we went on a date, I fell madly in love although he was a year younger than me, but he chose another woman over me and I was completely broken hearted. My fantasy was that he was my Canada Day Hero and that we'd have a Canada Day themed wedding, but obvious we didn't share that same fantasy...