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    Fragity Oy is a Finnish start-up that wanted to launch a web and mobile development practice in NYC. We were hired to create a comprehensive mark… Read More
    Fragity Oy is a Finnish start-up that wanted to launch a web and mobile development practice in NYC. We were hired to create a comprehensive market entry strategy. Read Less
client: Fragity Oy
project: Brand Identity + Market Entry for new Web and Mobile agency
dates: March - May 2012
tags: market entry, brand identity, social media, events

Fragity Oy is a Finnish start-up that was looking to create a spin-off web and mobile offshoring agency. We created a brand identity and planned their Internet Week 2012 launch party to introduce them to the NYC market.

market entry strategy
Planning a market entry strategy and launch event required a number of components including: developing a unique and descriptive brand identity, designing a launch event that illustrates the product in an engaging way, using social media to enhance their audience's understanding of the brand concept, and ensuring that the business strategy resonated with a US audience.

business strategy: working in NYC
We helped Nuppu Labs refine its offerings and strategies and shifted the language to position the brand in a culturally relevant way that resonates with New Yorkersʼ core tech needs.

brand identity + graphic design: Nuppu Labs
We developed a company name and brand identity that would help New Yorkers instantly recognize Nuppu Labs as a top-tier Finnish design and technology company. We then designed posters, business cards, a banner, coasters, stickers, trading cards and a website to promote the brand. 

social media strategy: pintrest
Working with a limited amount of time leading up to the event, we knew it would be difficult to build up a large following on twitter and facebook and that our core audience wouldnʼt necessarily respond to that type of marketing. Instead, we decided to create a Finnish Design and Technology board on Pinterest and invited our party-goers to build it up as the event drew near.

We also used this as a tool to increase understanding of Finnish design and technology and show high quality examples of that work to an audience who was unfamiliar with it. We used the images we collected on Pinterest on an animated pinboard at the party to reinforce the eye-candy collected online.

event design
Our challenge was to design a NYC market entry strategy for Nuppu Labs. However, we couldnʼt just rely on the typical launch event - New Yorkers donʼt attend parties for companies theyʼve never heard of.

We decided to use this opportunity to showcase works of Finnish design and technology to give our audience a sense of the types of products theyʼd get when working with Nuppu Labs. The event was held during Internet Week NYC -- so the content was extremely relevant to our audience.
We showcased work from a variety collaborators -- including Nordic Breads, Finlandia Vodka, Playmysong social jukebox app, and Ivana Helsinki -- in a gallery-style environment.