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    Android application
Tiger Alarm
android application

Tiger tops WWF's list of ten critically endangered species. But there is still hope. We can save wild tigers! WWF has set a bold but achievable goal: doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022. 5 decades of conservation experience has shown us that given enough space, prey and protection, tigers can recover. To raise awareness about tigers we created 'TigerAlarm!' app. It's an alarm clock featuring adorable baby tiger that wakes you up with his roar! It makes you acknowledge that there are only around 3,000 tigers left in the wild. Every 3 days on average another one is being killed by poachers. Yesterday poachers killed this little tiger's mom. In 3 days they might come for him. Help WWF to save tigers from extinction: make a donation or share the alarm on Facebook or Twitter. If you didn't take action during 3 days, the poachers return and kill your tiger. Now you certainly understand that it's not a virtual problem and we once again asking you to help save tigers — the real ones!
Android development

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