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    Anti CyberBullying Campaign
NAPCAN - Cyberbullying affects real lives
In conjunction with NAPCAN: The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect around the issue of cyber bullying in Australia. The campaign, called Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives - is the first to target kids directly, in their language - within their social networking environments.

The approach was for the by-standers to become the focus, revealing how by sharing and contributing they can be part of the overall problem.

Custom Youtube takeover:
So we went straight to one of the largest digital playgrounds – YouTube, and planted a humiliating video with a twist. We flipped the traditional notion of this digital playground on it’s head, broke down the fourth wall, jumped out, and put the spotlight on this serious issue with a clear message: by joining in, and spreading harmful content, you become the bully too. A digital sting operation if you will!

The campaign then poked young eyeballs with rich media creative and grabbed their short attention spans with 19 million display impressions in their favourite online environments. 

Online Game:
All media activities had a simple high impact message, enticing kids to continue the journey with an educational top down adventure game called the Web Warriors.

Kids created their own unique avatar with special abilities and launched on an adventure through various environments such as mount mobile and social swamp, gamers are timed and tasked with collecting various puzzle pieces that prompt relevant quizzes, and ultimately educate them on how Cyber Bullying affects real lives.

Web Warriors also included many ways to share the positive message, allowing kids to stand up and be heard by posting their avatar, sharing a widget or adding a badge on social networking sites like twitter.