Three sections below
1. Canpages Phone Book Ads
2. Sales Support Materials
3. Social Committee Volunteer Creative
1. Canpages Phone Book Ads
• interpret client ad layout requests / designs
• produce print or animated web ads 
• adhere to specifications / publication standards
• accurately meet deadline for over 80 directories
• create sales team incentive projects and packages
• Canpages social committee volunteer

Neasa Maguire Graphics Manager at Canpages
"Linda is an excellent print and multi-media designer with good layout and print production skills. She is at her best on projects where her creativity and sense of humour can shine. I would not hesitate to recommend Linda for high-energy positions with lots of variety and opportunity for growth." 
Patricia Ochoa, Bilingual Graphic Designer, Canpages (colleague)
“As a co-worker Linda is very supportive, easy to work with and resourceful. She is happy to share information about her knowledge to help you with any situation. Linda is a great team member and excellent graphic designer.”
2. Sales Support Materials
• design/produce sales incentive posters, awards, movies, cards, coupons

Dan McElheron, Director of Sales, Canpages
“I have worked with Linda for over ten years now and can confidently recommend her as an effective and efficient graphic, multimedia designer. Linda gets things done in a timely manner, that coupled with her sense of humor and outside the box thinking leads to some excellent results. In short she's a pleasure to work with.”
Doug Henderson, Regional Manager-Online, Western Canada, Canpages
“Linda is an extremely creative graphic designer with a full understanding of what we need for an effective ad. She's also very efficient, works hard to find the best solution, and is very attentive to customer satisfaction (both internal and external.) As a bonus, she's fun to work with too.”
Shawn Genier Senior Sales Manager, Canpages 
"Linda worked well with the Sales department and produced fantastic work. Linda was very proactive in her approach and a real team player. She was great to work with and would recommend her as she is a valuable asset to any company."
Greg Sloan, Multimedia Consultant, Canpages
“I have worked with Linda for over ten years and I have always been very impressed by the excellent quality of her work in various media. She is a 5 Star Performer!”
3. Social Committee Volunteer Creative

Alex Hibbert National Manager - Customer Care & Online Support at Canpages
"I worked with Linda at Canpages on the Social Committee where we collaborated employee events. Linda not only is an amazing graphic artist with her very unique and creative ideas, she brought a positive can-do attitude to the group and every meeting. Her work is eye appealing and created interest in our campaigns and fund-raisers through great posters and supporting art work pieces. I am pleased to recommend Linda with her creative talents to any team. Great Job Linda!"
Max Stockholder, New Media Designer, Canpages (colleague)
“Linda's poster design skills are legendary.”