Wine Centre in La Rioja (Spain)
Wine Museum + Culinary Center + Hotel

Winner ARQUIDEAS Landscape, Architecture & Wine Competition
Team: Isabel Rivas, Javier Ureña

, Gastronomy and Culture have been traditionally related in Spain. Vinyard cultivation has set up a unique, singular landscape in La Rioja. Besides, culinary arts are quite a well-stablished tradition in this region.

Thus the aim of our proposal is to create a place where these elements can be put together, in a sort of "wine pairing": cultural events for the local people, a culinary experience for visitors and a great opportunity for young cooks. All these items around wine. To summarize, a catalyst.

We are not looking for an icon, nor a luxury hotel. We propose an "engine" that activates the region in different ways. We try to have not only the Winery involved, but also the municipality.

We are not trying to set a building in the landscape, but build with landscape.