Neuron app – Advanced Record Tracking (UI/UX)
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    Neuron is a personal finance app that lets you take control your money. Track your earnings and expenditures, manage your personal funds and cont… Read More
    Neuron is a personal finance app that lets you take control your money. Track your earnings and expenditures, manage your personal funds and control your financial situation. Special Tags: Business, landing, ecommerce, redesign, design, rating, shop, graphic, arts, background, chart, pie, document, fashion, retail, corporate, cards, interaction, lines, app, booking, cinema, website, behance, best, popular, red, blue, service, online, theatre, android, iOS, desktop, grid, private, sketch, internet, vector, data, set, information, abstract, group, music app, visual, presentation, template, simple, demographics, advertising, account, dashboard, logo, form, dynamic, login, digital, technology, registration, responsive, touchscreen, trendy, wireframe, mobile, device, flat, material, widget, interface, guy, preview, application, cover, style, photo, luxury, magazine, news, branding, identity, page, typography, card, company, poster, finance, icons, manager, money, payment, social service, social, creative, forum, message, development, commercial, computer, work, object, flow, readymag, principle, geometry, navigation, system, interaction, triangle, illusion, wallpaper, decor, decorative, mosaic, shape, abstraction, illustration, time, map, game, 2d, surface, grey, black, orange, green, beautiful, fabric, rounded, freebie, free, psd, product, color, colourful, drawing, brand, shadow, sports, betting, soccer, football, fitness, health, success, star, blog, globe, help, cloud, restaurant, security, medicine, eco, emblem, booking, machine, minimal, logotype, rhombus, symmetric, wave, media, gallery, main, about, play, head, human, woman, man, cartoon, love, portfolio, concept, dribble, consulting, anatomy, research, search, team, seo, flatonica, designer, avatar, worker, female, direction, romantic, wedding, valentine, beaty, round, battle, hip-hop, face, celebrate, festival, zodiac, natural, astrology, gift, emoji, world, infographics, asia, europe, russia, garden, spring, animal, premium, land, desk, table, construction, project, space, studio, plan, gold, casual, lifestyle, draft, usa, australia, canada, africa, rap, snow, small, local, album, promotion, dj, radio, tv, webpage, jump, next, down, left, right, blocks, history, playing, stadium, tickets, sea, cardio, goal, mug, break, eats, industry, coffee, note, cut, foot, activity, big, add, cartoon, kids, baby, tender, project, education, care, bank, model, lady, toys, movies, single, entertainment, interviews, portal, crm, design, admin, graphic, digital agency, white, award, kit, download, site, advanced, wallet, personal, payment, goods, bet, analytics, statistics, forecast, leon, oxxxy, oxxxymiron, booking machine, 2018, top, exchange, movement, food, comments, food, company, vlad goncharov, idea, architecture, buy, crypto, currency, basic, cover, svg, customer, contacts, shoes, office, estate, journal, travel, vk, facebook, wikipedia, uber, starbucks, multimedia, city, people, logistics, carnival, accessories, settings, shopping, auto, parts, fruits, gears, starboy, alarm, display, commerce, font, adobe, tools Read Less
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OCTOBER 16, 2016