The Other Tribe 'Don't Need No Melody'

The Other Tribe // Animation, Direction
June 2012
Description //

An animated music video for the band 'The Other Tribe'. The piece was created over an agonising 5 days. All of the illustrated parts had to be separated into layers before being places into After Effects and then animated (mostly via masks and scale/rotation) along to the music. The pieces were all added in as 3D layers, allowing me to light them as the camera went along and giving it a bit more depth and making it seem a bit moodier. A template was used to match certain elements to the beat or half/quarter beats.

The result is a journey along a totem-like path that is building itself along the way, gaining intricacy as it progresses, before disappearing back to nothing. Watch, enjoy, share, ask me questions - ta for stopping by.

The Other Tribe v Kidnap Kid - "Don't Need No Melody"
Available July 2nd

Credits //

Hicks - Illustration
David Magnier (Pondr) - Direction / Producer