Hacker's List

Hacker's List is an online service that allows people to hire hackers by the hour. Hackers provide a multitude of services for customers, from helping to retrieve lost passwords and breaking down firewalls. I was tasked with creating an animated web banner advertisement to promote the hacker Ximain as well as the site. Ximain is a grayhat hacker, which means they use hacking for good and evil purposes depending on the client's wishes. Ximain's personal symbol is the crow, so I used this crow to create a coat of arms for him. The crow grasps an olive branch and a thorn branch to represent his dual roles as a person who hacks for good and bad. I created a glitch effect in the video to show how Ximain and the hackers of Hacker's List break through internet codes and firewalls.​​​​​​​