Liposuction compared to Liposonix and Coolsculpting!
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    Liposuction vs liposonix vs coolsculpting Which treatment is the best?
Liposuction vs Liposonix vs Coolsculpting: Result, Cost, and Risk. Who Wins?

First of all liposuction treatments are invasive, well they are minimally invasive as they are just going below the skin but you know you have to cut the skin and get inside the skin to do the procedure, basically you put a suction cannula in to mechanically disrupt the fat cells, suck them out or melt them out with a laser device. You have to use local anesthesia or some people even will use general anesthesia for liposuction but with this laser technology you don't have to go through the general anesthesia process EVER.

With liposuction you are also mechanically destroying the fibrous tissues that hold the skin to the fat, muscle, connective tissue, and those have to regrow and re approximate the skin to the connective tissue after the procedure is over so that is what the compression garments are used for after a laser liposuction. These garments need to be worn for couple of weeks sometimes even 1 month after the surgery, but they are not required after a non invasive device or procedure like liposonix or coolsculpting. So the result may not be very dramatic if you choose to go for the non invasive liposonix treatment.

The other difference is risk. There is a little bit more risk involved with obviously an invasive and a non invasive procedure, liposuction is going to involved risk due to the amount of anesthesia that your liver has to process all that lidocaine if that is a tumescent liposuction, and obviously if it is general anesthesia that has some of the heaviest risk involved.

I think the skin is the biggest difference between liposuction and liposonix. Afterwards with liposuction or laser lipo the skin can be very bumpy, saggy, and baggy. With liposonix or coolsculpting the skin is left perfectly intact, smooth, unchanged and sometimes even improved. You're not going to see visible incision like you would with laser lipo, or liposuction procedure.

The amount of fat between liposuction and liposonix can be very different. That is the biggest dissimilarity because with the invasive liposuction you typically taking out 70% of the fat in certain area at one time. You could see a big difference in your end result. So you are taking a lot more fat than you would than with non invasive procedure like liposonix. Sometimes the non invasive method will require up to 3 treatments to see a major improvement.

The price is also another big difference. Since liposonix doesn't require anesthesia it is cheaper, in fact treatments like coolsculpting and liposonix only cost you around $1500-3000 maximum which is cheaper whereas with liposuction you are expected to spend a minimum of $4000, or can even go higher depending on the number of areas you want to be treated.
So, that's about it. Make your own decision.

But honestly, I'll never even try any of the 3. Diet is the king, it's safer, cheaper, and most effective too. ;)