MM2 Tryton 
Conceptual direction – Electric poweredbike with full bore classic power styling.

With a visual connection to joustingimagery echoing the battles of daily life (commute) and the perceived romanceand elegance of a long gone era. The rider would be a dashing knight of theroad.

The Tryton MM2 concept is of a powerfulbattery powered electric motorcycle.
132 miles range on a single chargetaking approximately 2.5 hours
¾ charge in less than 1.15 hours
Plugit into any 110-volt outlet

Top speed of 160 mph
0 -100 in 4.4 seconds

Carbon fiber frame with carbon fiberre-inforced thermoplastic body panels
Dense foam body zones utilizing moreenvironmentally sound production methods.

Weight – approx. 215lbs