Plazm's 20th Anniversary
A paper maze designed as giveaway for readers
The Challenge
This project is to design a giveaway product for an anniversary event. The brief is very open to any kind of ideas, thus the process as well as the outcome can either be very experimental, crazy or playful, or just all of the above.

I have decided to choose Plazm, an art and design magazine which celebrated its' 20th anniversary last year, 2011. Plazm has been published since 1991 by a collective of designers, writers, and others in Portland, Oregon, United States. Plazm was listed in 1997 in I.D. as one of the world’s 40 most influential design firms and has been featured in numerous publications and award shows including the 100 show, AIGA, the professional association for design national show, the Art Director’s Club, Eye, Communication Arts, Graphis, and IDEA (Japan). Plazm has become one of the most influential and award-winning design firm, font foundry and publisher.

After some research and observation, I have noticed that the magazine itself actually emphasize on the quality of papers very much. Therefore, I focused on using paper as the only medium for the giveaway. The giveaway is also designed base on previous covers design of the magazine, funky and playful, with a little touch of typographical element into it.The outcome, is a round playable maze with the phrase, "20th Plazm" in the middle.

Made in 2011.
Plazm's 20th Anniversary Paper Maze
Behind the scenes
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