Brown ID Online Photo Submission (BIOPS)
Allows incoming students to upload an ID photo for preprinting ID cards and reducing lines

I inherited this from another developer who left and I quickly rewrote every line to standarize it and to turn the project around.  I was not comfortable with the idea of trying to direct users to another site for photo manipulation when I was sure Oracle already had tools to accomplish our needs.  I grabbed a jQuery image selection tool and implemented it to transmit cropping coordinates to our server.  I asked the DBAs to install Oracle's InterMedia feature which I then used to crop and manipulate the uploaded photo (as well as to create thumbnails to boost back-end application performance).  Even without JavaScript enabled, photos can still be submitted for review (just not cropped by our system)

University staff then review the submitted photos and either approve or reject each one.  The system automatically sends email notifications of rejected photos.  More features were offered to indicate rejection reason, and to allow staff to correct basic mistakes (such as rotation), but these features are not yet wanted.  I added some list filters as well as the usual pagination options.

Page styling is handled primarily by the student system product, SunGard's Banner ERP, and their WebTailor framework of PL/SQL packages.  Thus, the pages are not pretty but they are consistent with the rest of the student system.  I believe in consistency and standardized CSS -- in spite of the prettier (but non-standardized) pages the other developers build.

This application went online in 2011.
The student pages are on the left and the staff's review page is on the right.  Short message pages and prompt pages are not shown.