• Rosa l'Amore
    Fictional Schoolproject: Corporate Identity
  • Rosa l'Amore is a fictional brand, selling bridal dresses and accesories.

    The task was to create a new visual identity and take a position in the market as a more exclusive brand than the competitors.

    I chose give it a simple, clean and feminine look.

    ="">The project is a student project made at the School of Visual Communication in Haderslev.
    Teacher: Jesper Lind Olsen.
  • Logo
  • Lookbook / B2B Brochure
  • Marketing plan
  • Overview of existing stores and cities where Rosa l'Amore would like to open stores.
  • Website
  • Idea and front for an iPhone app. The app should work as a wedding planner containing calender, a wedding checklist, favorite dresses, and important phone numbers.