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    Can you call yourself the king of speed texting? Team up with your friends in this multi player game and win a BlackBerry for each on of you.
Client          Vodafone
Agency       ACHTUNG!
Date          October 2010
My part      Animation & user interface lead

About the campaign

Vodafone introduced the first Prepaid BlackBerry, opening up a whole new target audience: 16-25 year olds.
Focusing on the key functionality, BBM - or ‘pingen’ in Dutch, we created a game that made them prove they were the fastest and best texters. A group of 4 friends was challenged everyday to text a message the fastest they could.

My part

Creating an animation style that fitted the target audience and the game feel of the campaign.
Cooperating with a 3D artist how the character should move and behave (writing slow or quickly, making errors, passing the phone to your next team member).
To make the character more personalized, we used their profile picture. Together with a technical party I developed a way to transform their behavior from after effects animation to script that can be used dynamically in the game to give it a richer feeling.
Since the game is a relay race, you are waiting more then you can actually play. To keep the other players well informed we created an information panel below where you can find the specs of the game: how are my teammates doing and are we still ahead of the fastest day-time.