The Jolly Butcher
Description of the entity:

The Jolly Butcher is a Irish themed pub in north of Denmark. With over 10 years since it was founded, it managed to implement itself in the daily life of the danish leaving in Frederikshavn, becoming a key hub of entertainment. Weekly live singers, karaoke, sporting events, and beer all around.


The visual identity hasn't been looked after and it didn't represent the business values anymore. The current "image" could not be used on other promotional materials then the ones used in the pub.


Build an identity with which the locals can identify themselves with.
Create a visual identity that represents the local danish tradition and the irish one. Keep it simple and easy to "see" as it will be used on different promotional environments: printed on t'shirts, flags at the pub entrance, web and flyers. Irish pub tradition doesn't mean using old fonts that you could hardly read, this is why a close look was focus on this aspect.
the full color visual identity
black and white version of the visual identity
I look on how the logo whould look implemented via web