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    Just a few, but I learnt many things from the process.
  • Logo for architecture company. The concept is ambigram. When you rotate the logo it will be the same with before rotation. The rotation will make an imaginery circle. It represents that the company is capable to do, not just house architecture, but also other kind of buildings.
  • Logo for TV shows website, which targeted to TV series lover. The logogram depict a TV, but also a man with beard and thick glasses, make him looks like a geek.
  • Logo for soymilk product. "Dele" means soybean in Javanese. The concept is freshness from the soymilk.
  • Logo for popcorn, cotton candy, and snacks product.
  • A logo for culinary website competition. “sendok garpu” means spoon and fork. Didn’t win, only entered the top 30.