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    This is a picture book for children
Lucy and the Pig
Lucy and the Pig frontispiece
frontispiece detail.
A pig arrived in the mail one day....
...In fact the pig was right in the middle of a dream....
....So she plunked her three best coins into the slot on the piggy’s back and she snuck away again....
“Oh nettles”, said the pig, “I’m clinking!” So down it went, wheeee clink-clink, to see what to do about it.
It hadn’t wandered far when it met a giraffe.
The pig explained about the kerplunks and the clinks.
Then the giraffe shone a flashlight down the pig’s slot....
...And it was not long then before the three coins tumbled out onto the floor.

"Hooray," they cried.
"Rotten things, plugs."
“Band-aids work like magic,”said the giraffe. ”Now get some rest.”
She peeked under the band-aid....
“Ah. Silly pig," she said, "that is your slot...."
"What did you do with your plug?" she asked.
"If you had a jar of jam," it said hopefully....
"with just a little bit left....."
End page. "Cookie, anyone?"
A preview from Book 2....the pig goes outside.