• Spejder Gear
    Fictional schoolproject: Corporate identity
  • Spejder Gear (in english: "Scout gear") is a store, selling all kinds of equipment for outdoor life and travelling.

    The task was to create a new visual identity for the brand.

    I got inspired by the "travelling in the wild" aspect, which makes the identity based on maps and finding your way into the wild. I also made a small survival kit for the brand.

    The project is a student project made at the School of Visual Communication in Haderslev.
    Teacher: Jesper Lind Olsen.
  • Logo
  • Brochure folded like a small map. Inside there's a "trail" leading the reader through the text and pictures.
  • Spejder Gear survival kit. Made very simple in the identity colours, with symbols telling what's inside.