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    Variety of icon based logos for school and business projects
Logo compilation 2012
 Some of them are for school projects and some others for my clients, some of them are for sale.
Kimmo is a logo designed for some Children's Dance Academy, actually the logo could work with just the tyopography. This is for sale for any yoga for kids, dance academy, kindergarden or whatever it implies movement.
This is a logo designed for a modern latin "fonda" which means a place where they sale popular town meals. It is also for sale and the name and typography could change.
Koyo Records was inspired from mixing KOALA + HARD. The icon is for sale, also the name if possible. This logo is created for an indie band or record stores or mixing audio business. The logo is fun, works really well with textures, with or without typography.
Goobox is a college exercise. This logo is based on mixing the fruit GUAVA + The adjective HARD.
I thought it could be a good icon-logo for a Software Development agency.
Logo proposal for BioRobótica S.A. de C.V, they needed to renew their image and change colors into something more professional looking.
Dharma is an Rock in Spanish band, they wanted something geometric, simple and strong looking that also could change colors once in a while.  They also wanted to look sleek and different from other mexican rock bands.
Kaitatomi means "with out money" in Cahita (Yaqui dialect). Alonso González and me designed this logo for an indie fictional editorial brand. It looks serious, but the concep is genuine. It is also for SALE!
Winnie LoudSon is a music website with electro music playlists. The name is a trick: Comes from Winnie The Pooh in French which is Winnie l'ourson, sounds the same as "Winnie Lourd Son" which means : Hard Noise.
This main idea was to design an icon mixing capital letter D and a house structure to create a strong but subtle impression. This is a logo for a school project, we had to design this for a modern hostel @ Downtown Guadalajara.