Arsenal Corp a game where you literally fight your coworkers for a promotion!

Arsenal Corp is a weapons manufacturing company which due to a lack of wars and a recent improvement in health care can now afford to add a new policy:

If you want a raise, if you don't think that coworker should have gotten the promotion, if you're tired of people eating your lunch even though you put your name on it, fight for it!
Here at Arsenal Corp, asking your boss for a promotion is considered an occupational hazard.
The average Arsenal Corp Employee, we like to call him Stan.
The average character is Stan who just likes to follow the rules. Since fighting has became a new rule, Stan is prepared to follow!
With weapons ranging from a Frisbee to a medieval sword, the employees at arsenal corp have lots of ways to have the advantage over their co-workers.
The game is 2 - 4 Players and is inspired from old school local-multiplayer games. It seeks to evoke nostalgia and create new hilarious experiences.
Level Design
All Levels are meant to have a different feel from the last. The environments are places that are on the Arsenal Corp premises and give different feelings.
The simplest Map, The Office Lounge is the smallest map and also sports the most balance. The map is accented with "Elevator Music" and very calm fish.
This is the Fire-Proofing Room, which test the weapons ability to aid the user in dangerous conditions. 
The Mages Hallway is a more chaotic map experience, the three grey pillars are constantly in motion which are not actually harmful to the player. They do cause a lot of confusion.
inspired by a previous creations (See Mage Brawl)
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Art/Programming/Level Design
Ali Onque
Sound Design
Shannon Addonizio
Music/Voice Acting
Tom Kruger
Voice Acting
Toriono Gandy

Arsenal Corp

Arsenal Corp

Arsenal Corp is a 2-4 player top down brawler where you make your own combination of weapons to beat your friends.

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