Primus TetraCube
The aim of this project was to develop a product in cooperation withPrimus company in Stockholm. It consisted of designing a containerwith the items needed when cooking and eating outdoors, in order tohelp the users eat and cook in a proper way while practicingactivities such as camping or hiking.

Considering the specifications posed by Primus, research wasdone. In this research, the company, the competitors and the users, among others, were analysed. Once all the information collectedwas prioritized, the concept development phase started. Forreaching an outcome, many aspects such as the items that thecontainer should include, the shape of the container and the best material for the product were discussed.

Primus TetraCube is a product that suits all the requirementsestablished at the beginning. In this way, Primus TetraCube is a product that can be carried in an 80 litres backpack and where theuser can store all the necessary items for four people who want toeat and cook outdoors. It has also been designed taking intoconsideration all the details, resulting in a product that follows theaesthetics of Primus with soft shapes and colours such as red, blackand grey. Everything combined make Primus TetraCube acomfortable product which allows the user feel at home.
 4 Cutlery Sets · 4 Aluminum Plates · 2 Aluminum Mugs · 2 Collapsible Glasses · 6 Modules · 1 Pot · 1 Pan · 1 Chopping Board
 Only 260 x 260 x 205 mm
 Dressing Set Module
 Cleaning Set Module
 First Aid Module
 Primus TetraCube
 Primus TetraCube Packaging
 Idea Generation