Instant Win Games
I designed games for the Irish National Lottery while at Camelot Global. The games were created for a new platform supporting responsive. Not using Flash is unusual in the instant win games industry.

I created a wireframe that could be reversioned easily for 3 variants of the same game running off differently configured game engines. I created a logo for Keno and gave each game its own visual identity.

Keno Classic welcome screen
Pick numbers screen
Wireframes of game play screen in landscape and portrait views
Game play screen visual design
Alternative versions of the game for Mini Keno and Keno Multiplier
Finish screen for Keno Classic
Snakes & Ladders

I wireframed, led design and briefed developers on an Ancient Egypt themed version of Snakes & Ladders and art directed a 3D illustrator.
Welcome screen
Main board wireframe & design
Win screen
I devised 3 mini games that help reinforce the theme.
Mini game 1
Mini game 2
Mini game 3

I wireframed a responsive game based on a crossword for use in Ireland and a simpler French version for the lottery in Switzerland.

Each view shows the Irish & Swiss wireframes and the visual for the Irish game in a newspaper style and in the black & gold style (preferred by Switzerland).
Welcome screen
Play screen (landscape)
Play screen (portrait)
After matching all the letters in several words
Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games

Instant Win Games for the Irish National Lottery


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