Bacardi wanted to launch 5 very special whiskys for the first time and under the overarching campaign The Last Great Malts, Mr. President told each whisky’s unique story with 5 beautiful and characterful sites for an eCRM campaign to sustain interest and sales.

The campaign won The Grocer’s Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year 2015

The Aultmore distillery is in a very misty part of Scotland and was traditionally very hard for the tax man to find, its site tells this story over a sequence of desaturated foggy photographs of the.

Craigellachie is a difficult sulphurous acquired taste much like its cantankerous founder, the user journey into the site is therefore deliberately a little awkward.

I translated the effect of gold foil embossed in thick black paper from the Aberfeldy bottle for digital use. The distillery makes its whisky with water from a stream with gold in it.