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Culinary Art School of Asheville
Culinary Art School of Asheville  Studio 4

Location: Asheville, North Carolina
This studio course concentrates on the issues raised by creating new architecture in existing
high density urban contexts with complex social and cultural characters.

This class focuses on creating well-developed and meaningful solutions to complex architectural
problems in the urban environment. In addition to performing in-depth analysis of the urban site
and the functional program, I prepare formal building type analyses as a way of
understanding the tradition of building in the city.

The program is the Culinary Arts School of Asheville located in Asheville, North Carolina. CASA is
an international center for education in the production and preparation of healthy sustenance
for a sustainable future. With a focus on social consciousness CASA’s mission is to educate
students and the public in redefining and exploring alternatives to the present state of the food

Site Drawings
Site Analysis

CASA has selected Asheville as a central location for their site to be an international beacon for furthering the city’s and school’s presence. To achieve these goals, CASA is looking for a building that has a high profile in embracing both the functional and the philosophical commitments for their mission.
Site Response

The city of Asheville is very active, with a great focus on arts, the community, and the natural environment.  From all these factors and CASA’s missions statement in mind, I developed a concept idea of engage and movement. I want my design to be unique and become a symbol of this new food movement. At the same time, I wanted my site to still interact with the surrounding area and keep that active movement going. As I explored the site, I noticed some very important elements that will dictate my design process.

Concept Sketch
Process Models
Site Plan
Floor Plans
North Elevation
East Elevation
South Elevation
Interior Rendering - Teaching Kitchen
Main Lobby
Interior Rendering - Student Lounge
South Section
West Section
Night Rendering
Culinary Art School of Asheville