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My Daily Drawings
Since October 2009 I have been publishing, every day or when time allows me, my life in pictures and text. My inner life, outside life, or others lifes and sometimes all blended together.
Here you can see a small selection the drawings from My Daily Drawings. If you want to see the complete serie, almost 300, click here, here and here.

Our favorite game in autumn:
Properly arranging and classifying all the fallen leaves.
The end of the decade.
Tomorrow, December 31st, 2009, I’ll spend Christmas Eve with my family. At midnight, the decade will come to an end and become a dark and endless abyss. A bridge will cross it while the clock strikes twelve, bringing us to the next decade. There, a party in a good friend’s house will be waiting, the first event of my life in the next decade.
Happy 2010 and happy new decade, I hope there are better than those of the last century...
I’ve never seen snow like this in Madrid.
We should try to make something with all this snow before it melts... For now, a storm in my diary...
Cuirasses, shells, layers, membranes… move away and let us see the treasure they protect. Gradually and very carefully, with a lot of patience...
I have a room on the Millennium Falcon, parked for maintenance in downtown Madrid, Earth, because the fast hyperspace-engine doesn’t work.
In the map you can see the spacecraft’s distribution. At the front, the living room-command post, the kitchen and the dinning area. At the back, the cabins and toilets. Mine has a hatch that allows me to see the firmament whenever I want.
Just in case you don’t know, I’m Han Solo. Chewaka is smaller than you think, he eats fodder with prawns and has a small sandbox in the toilet. Now he’s traveling in another spaceship, working on a special mission. Leia Princess visits us from time to time. Her brother, Luke Skywalker, learns how to be a Jedi warrior far away from here, in another galaxy.
Believe or not, we are not fateful to the script, we travel with another fellow, who dresses in purple and wears a pointed hat. At first sight, he looks like an Imperial Royal Guard, but he isn’t a Guard at all, quite the opposite. He comes from a distant planet with strange customs, that’s why he wears those clothes. He’s the Millenium Falcon Captain, and without him nothing works.
Together we travel fast all over the galaxies with our hyperspace engine, happy, fighting the Dark Side of the Force.
And that’s all for today, I’ll return to my cabin! Good night and “may the Force be with you.
My hearts beats and beats and beats…
Make the most of each heartbeat!...
Once more I proclaim it: I love Mondays! Especially in the mornings, when I’m about to dive into the week and into myself. Again, I’ll try to go as deep as possible, let’s see how I do…
Thanks for your attention!.
Map of the body and its periphery...
We´re toys,
We live in a big bath which is the world,
so we´re subjugated to the whims of a boy, sometimes a little bit cruel, which is the Nature.
The Earthquare devastated my life. If you have survived you won´t mind the rest.
Maybe you feel that your flats have left disturbed, but the important thing is that
you haven´t collapsed.
The best you can do is to look to the future with optimism but who knows, maybe this
new position finishes being funnier than the last position...
Good ideas are wonderful strawberry and berries of the forest ice cream. They make
precious spirals in my head and they interweave between them with a big elegance.
Anyone has ever seen the pink ice cream with precious shapes. Any memory of how it was reach to our world, just melt ice cream drops that make you imagine how they
were when it was below zero, in the deepest of our head.
Good weekend!...
How is one day:
One days is a succession of infinite petals with the colors of the sky. We don´t realize but they spin and spin without stopping, from the daybreak to the nightfall. So we are in the middle, with the feet in the vertex.
We´re the characters of a movie with infinite colorful shots...
Easter in Seville,
After coming back from holidays, I present you some drawings about everything that I´ve seen and lived these days, as I did when I was in the school. So it´s the beginning of my series of drawings about this city and its more important celebration.
Here you can see the first “paso” that I´ve seen there (“paso” is a float in Holy Week procession, with statues representing parts of Easter Story). Purple pointed hoods. At the back you can see the statue of the Virgin, illuminated with candles. The street is crowded. Pointed hoods are ice-cream cones, ice-creams of every flavor, purple included. Between the floats, people drink some glasses of beer. Beers mix with the pointed hats. Between the spectators, some of them attract my attention: tied gentlemen and ladies with mantillas (they wear mantilla just on Thursday).
Tomorrow more...
Monday, Monday!!!
If you´re a follower of my life´s diary you already know that my bed takes the whole night for arriving to the Monday, it´s like an elevator. Monday the performance begins: the first set is my bedroom at 8:30 a.m.
As the week goes by, sets will go up, leaving in full view everything that is waiting for me these days. Sometimes I´ve look at the ceiling and I ´ve tried to understand the mechanisms governing my life. There are a mess of cables and stage machinery, so I decided to play my role as better as possible, to deserve the favor of the public and to arrive to the next Sunday, where my be is waiting for me to go down directly to the next Monday...
Every morning, after the shower, it appears: the infinite closet.
Infinite drawers, infinite clothes.
Infinite things can happen in the day that is beginning, infinite options, infinite ways...
even if it doesn´t look like it.
Enjoy the infinite from the first moment in the morning!...
Floor tiles, paving stones and every kind of road surface in Madrid downtown is broken or loose.
Every morning I go to the work by bicycle, following always the same route and leaving behind me a floor tile trail, that make the same noise every day. If you pedal on the mobile road surface of Madrid you´ll hear a lot of short and nice stone melodies.
This morning, going down Street Huertas, the paving sounded with one of my favorite pieces. I thought that sound vibrations of the stones travel to the deep of the Earth, so they disturb the magma flow. When it arrives to Iceland and it´s expelled by the Vulcan it creates up and downs in the huge smoke column so the ashes cover the north of Europe, giving place to the biggest score ever seen…
And everything thanks to the mobile and musical paving stones in Madrid downtown!.
So many doors! So many corridors!.
This is how our inner life is..
The inner life is corridors with blue carpet, yellow walls and red doors.
Outside there´s nothing, it's black and grey because things only exist when we look at them.
Looking at the inner life we see how it changes, how the doors which conduct us to more corridors, open and close.
That´s the way the inner life passes.
Outer life is fruit of the inner life.
For me, once again, it leads me to Seville, this time to the April Fair, where I will be from Wednesday 21st to the Sunday 30th.
I will try to add to the Diary little drawings as if I were a reporter but I cannot guarantee anything.
As I have explained, it all depends on the inner life.

Thanks for your interests and good night.....
Victorian Adventures
Nights of Lust- Unaccomplished
The Victorian gentleman and his recent conquered Victorian lover were in the midst of spending an uncontrollable passionate night together. But little did the poor gentleman know what was in store for him.
Thousands of petticoats, shifts and layers waited to be lifted. The Victorian gentleman’s eagerness to reach his goals were not discouraged by such a spectacle and without further delay he set to surmount this Titanic task.
The pink and bright colours of the first layers began to turn blue, green, turquoise, sea blue and straight into black.
He tried to retrace his tracks. Failing that, as he could not tell the upper part from the bottom. Both now became a turned around bundle of cloth.
The Victorian gentleman gave in and sad, left the room, leaving behind the Victorian lover lost amongst her thousand layers.
In his memory he retains the image of the lady’s great toe, the most exciting remembrance of that evening.
On the beach.
Whole days sitting in the sand. The sea mesmerizes all who see it. Hours go by, the afternoon arrives, the sun begins to set and there you are still watching the arrival of the waves, one after another with their subtle colors and height. The sea has its own language, it is an open book, without realizing you spend whole days trying to decipher it. If you are patient you get your reward, the sea knows a lot about everything, including you. It will always give you something, a little titbit about yourself. It is true that the effort, although you do not notice it, is great. You will spend one day reading the sea and end up exhausted, dead tired but eager to return to the beach the next day.
The sea holds many of your secrets and reveals them  
Second game of the Spanish national teamThe game is inside. Eleven players and a host of colorful tiles that must be ordered by ranges. If among them gets that harmony, all the game is won. Perhaps there messes or colors that do not fit, then there is nothing to do. To win out, you have to win first on the inside. And yesterday they got it.
Sandstorm in Madrid.
Saharan sand-laden wind from the desert came this afternoon to Madrid. A dense ocre coloured fog covered the whole city. On the street, two tall girls were walking hand in hand. Both wore their best jewelry, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and earrings of solid gold. Very few people could appreciate it, the sand-laden atmosphere made ​​it impossible to see beyond their calves. We did see solid gold bracelets on their ankles for a few seconds, but everything else was speculation and rumors. Bad day to be out wearing jewelery...
August. The low tide, the sky and the ground are the same, the day is over. A wonderful beach in Huelva with a name that is not at all poetic. It’s a good time to see what the sea hides during the day: an infinite carpet of shells and snails, almost all broken. Eternal dinnerware pieces that ​​the sea has always swept towards the beach.
We can never see it in full, only unrecognizable fragments and small pieces.
People look for the less damaged pieces and take them home to remember this dinner set that never was but will always be in our dreams and be part of our hopes...
Turquoise Trail, the world's most beautiful colour. Colours are like people, they light up, flower and give the best they have if they have the right nuance beside them, the marvels we have inside come out with the precise ink. Turquoise with the celeste of the peaks, the green that extends down the sides, stained with ocher and orange until crimson floods the valley. The turquoise road is long. Little by little, we must have patience, learn all the colors and not dwell on the longed for ending. Think less and look more...
I walk thinking, look walking, think looking and fly thinking. Stepping on pure gold and lost in a labyrinth of trains of thought...
Friday morning, bright and sunny, Gran Via. H&M. At the end, next to the till, the dark pit of a thousand hands. The sales are on, for five dollars, save from this prison a pair of hands.
Eternally grateful, from this afternoon until next spring, the three together.
Spread the word, we are confident in their solidarity. Thousands of blue hands forgotten in a sinister pit, an image that touches anyone with a minimum of humanity..
Not everybody understands: the mummies, inside, are empty. They are dust and dry carrion, nothing more. Beneath the ancient bandages, rotten, faded and moth-eaten, there’s nothing at all. Everything is presence and legends, imposed by fear and superstition, they ruled for centuries. Luckily more and more are realizing the immense fraud and run behind them to grab one of the many ribbons hanging from what was it’s body and pull hard to undo.
The mummies are crumbling and dust rags and remnants of what was once a body is mixed with sand. Gone forever.
It has cost me. But finally I made it. Months of wrangling in the House of Commons, endless debates, grueling sessions, nonsenses, confusions, twists, turns, endless repetitions of the same thing, anxiety, nervousness and sadness. An infinite, never-ending whirlwind.
Luckily, thankfully, I got a good day, I'm not sure how and slowly leave the room and from a height, see the dispute that evening. From there is where I discovered with astonishment that it was all part of a perfect choreography and brilliantly played by all parliamentarians. A sort of wave, a vortex spinning majestically over and over again. Thats where I come from, and at least I hope, for a long time 
It has cost me. But finally I made it. Months of wrangling in the House of Commons, endless debates, grueling sessions, nonsenses, confusions, twists, turns, endless repetitions of the same thing, anxiety, nervousness and sadness. An infinite, never-ending whirlwind.
Luckily, thankfully, I got a good day, I'm not sure how and slowly leave the room and from a height, see the dispute that evening. From there is where I discovered with astonishment that it was all part of a perfect choreography and brilliantly played by all parliamentarians. A sort of wave, a vortex spinning majestically over and over again. Thats where I come from, and at least I hope, for a long time, never to return.
You are sinking the ships, is that you you, finally I have found you. You are never going to play me again, I'll melt you with my own hands.
Run run, run without stopping, from the square I see you in the gym, glass blurs your figure up to the head. Heads that go up and down, what are they thinking? running without advancing, striving, sweating and dropping defeated just where you started the journey that never existed.
Get out of there running, don’t let it be the ground moving under you but you over.  
Saturday’s party. Like all parties it starts well and ends up better. The party is a place where we change or, in many cases, we lose control. This happened last Saturday, when you asked to be Mina Mazzini and I was a television dancer. You divine and I kneeling, crawling on the floor. And everyone thought it was a great idea.
I would like to lose control more often and if possible, outside a party.
Today it’s mackerel.
In my particular mythology, each fish, gradually acquires a meaning and occupies a place: the bass is the vehicle that rescued me from the world of mist and darkness eternal, the hangover. Turbot: hope, the pure confidence in a better future. And today, mackerel.
Mackerel. is the action, energy, a beautiful, streamlined blue fish, a spacecraft that will be the counterpoint and the conclusion of what the bass began.
Sea bass, turbot, mackerel, a way forward. Today it’s mackerel, so well  
Paella for four, teamwork. Four paths in the rice, four teaspoons digging. Obstacles in the form of chicken. A random road network that doesn´t stop growing, exhausting the possibilities, exploring all the plain of rice to leave no corner unvisited. Mission accomplished, tomorrow we repeat, every day a paella, a new planet to discover.