Location:  Paris, France
The program is located in Paris Rive Gauche in France. Paris Rive Gauche is a part of the 13th
district, which is one of the biggest district in Paris. Our site Masséna, runs alongside the Seine and
with its southern boundaries marked out by Avenue de France, the Masséna district is characterized
by innovative urban planning. I was partner up with two Architectural Fundamental III students,
Sabrina Richer and Alvaro Gutierrez.

Our project is to design a train station in the Massena district. During the site analysis process I
were assigned to gathered information on climate. After analyzing the data, I noticed that Paris has
weather from extreme cold winters to hot summers. We add layers of clothing to warm up or take
off layers to cool down.

Essentially I want to use this idea of layering for the basis of our design. Sketches were developed
to evoke the ideal of layering and how it can be applied in an architectural context and form.
Using Layers of skin, scale, and light; our train station will weave together an adaptable community
symbol that becomes the identity and tradition of the place.

Site Analysis

Paris Rive Gauche is an urban zone extending from the Gare d’Austerlitz to Boulevard Général Jean-Simon, running along the Seine on one side and Rue du Chevaleret on the other. Around its flagship building of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, new districts are springing up featuring all the usual amenities for everyday life. Housing, offices and activities, commercial outlets, services, schools, universities, public and cultural amenities are all gradually being created: little by little, everything which makes a city truly livable is being established and integrated.

However, only a few years ago, this part of the 13th arrondissement was no more than a series of ailing industrial facilities. It was the creation of a ZAC (mixed development zone) in 1991 which enabled the launch of an operation conducted by SEMAPA and named Paris Rive Gauche. It is now hard to imagine just how much the landscape has changed: soon, Paris Rive Gauche will host almost 15,000 residents, 30,000 students and professors and 50,000 employees day in and day out. Ten hectares of green spaces will be created and 2,000 trees planted.

Traffic patterns and bus stops our site is bisected by the Boulevard Maséna and the Boulevard Péripherique runs along the eastern side. Both roads have moderately heavy traffic. Cars, trucks and buses all use the road. To the north-east of the site is a shopping center that has a bus stop coming soon, but the next closes stop is across the River Seine. The south of our site seems to be all resident

SIte Analysis - Green Space in the Area
Site Response
In the design process we wanted to design a building that will pull people in from Avenue du France. In order to achieve that we implemented a ramp that starts from the main entrance and pulls people in all the way to the end of the building. Essentialy we will add a bridge at the end of the building to continue the circulation all the way to the other side of the site.
Concept Drawings

Sustainable Strategies
Site Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan                                                                                               Third Floor Plan
Interior Perspectives
North Elevation
East Elevation
South Perspective


Studio 3 project when I spent 3 months in France studying abroad.