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Holmes Pipe
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About Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. First appearing in print in 1887, the char- acter's popularity became widespread with the first series of short stories in 'The Strand Magazine'. Sherlock Holmes is arguably the most well-known, with Guiness World Records listing him as the "most portrayed movie character" in history..
The Next Holmes Generation

Sherlock Holmes is a very logical man full of curiosity, Thanks to the development of technology we live in a world of information. People of 21 century are curious, intellectual, and logical. The project aims the next Holmes generation of consumers who want to express their unique individuality as an intellectual person.  
Simple, Yet Refined

Sherlock Holmes is well-known for his iconic deerstalker hunting cap.The hat's character lines fall smoothly from the top to the brim of the cap. I tried to melt this iconic line in to the design.
The cigar bowl is a composition of the pipe where you insert the tobacco blends. I melted the symbolic deerstalker lines on the edge of the bowl for the iconic Holmes looks. To maximize the character, I designed other parts of the pipe in the most minimal manners.
Deerstalker Lines

To maximize the Character lines of the design, the other elements of the pipe was designed in minimal manners.
Metaphor from the Analog Pipes

The led indicator on the bowl interacts to the inhalation of the pipe, making a swirl of light just like the original pipe. I thought this was very essential design element for vapers to feel the analog sentiments of original pipes.

The +, - pads trigger the voltage of the vaporizer which controls the depth of the flavor. 
Vaporizer Triggers for Pipe Designs

Designing the Holmes Pipe, I found that most of the vaporizers have triggers on the bottom or side of the body.Due to the stick shape, the triggers are designed to press easier with the thumb. On the other hand, the pipe should be held differently, which triggers should be designed to easily press with index fingers, so I designed a new trigger for the pipe design 
New Hygienic Intake System

Vapers always have trouble with dust and other kind of foreign substances stuck between the mouth piece. This is due to the open type mouth piece designs. Because of this, some products come with sealing caps. Instead of sealing caps I designed a new drawer type
mouth piece for vapers so that they can always keep their mouth piece hygiene, The intake hole was moved from side to the top so when the mouth piece is closed the intake hole is completely sealed from environment.
Dramatic Charging

Designing the charging dock for the Holmes Pipe, I tried to find a way to maximize the design while its charging. By using glass as cmf for the stand, the pipe could seem as if its floating by itself.
I got a mail from the peterson of dublin, they had some troubles through this concept design, people asking them about this pipe design. please do not contact them for information. This is an individual concept. :-)
I apologise to peterson of dublin for my mistakes in using the logo without permissions.

Background and Photos for my product do not belong to me.
I do not own the rights.

Thanks for Watching :-)

Special Thanks to colleagues that gave advice on this project!

-----------------------------------------------------------------Please Read-----------------------------------------------------------------
This is a conceptual project not an actual product .
There has been reports of design piracy. Dont get tricked by hackers.
They call it the Sinsemilla pipe. Taking my images and posting them as its already developed into production.
Please do not buy or claim the product. this site has nothing to do with me.
I would not take any responsibility of the action from that site. 
Thank you Rachael for your warm hearted mail.
Holmes Pipe

Holmes Pipe

Sherlock Holmes is well-known for his iconic deerstalker hunting cap.The hat's character lines fall smoothly from the top to the brim of the cap. Read More