Gavdos Yoga Retreats

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  • At the far most southern end of Europe, in the middle of the Aegean and Libyan seas, lies the small island of Gavdos. A special holistic wellness treatment workshop willl take place on the island, amidst an exquisite environment of natural beauty and energy.
    The combination of a full body workout, a quality diet, based on original Cretan products, and the healing positive energy of the island with its award-winning beaches, the golden dunes and the ancient cedar forest, will offer a toning invigorating experience that will result in body and soul strengthening.

    I was asked to design the visual identity.
  • The lotus flower is a prevalent symbol of yoga, and I wanted to put my own twist on it.
    A more abstract design and the addition of a drop that symbolizes the flow of energy, gave the final result.
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