Stadium Journey
Around the world in 122 stadiums

A hastily set up Wordpress blog provided the first version of the site, and was quickly outgrown as we began to publish dozens of stadiums reviews, submitted by a cross-country network of correspondents recruited from the ranks of local sports bloggers in each area. By building our community of writers and consistently publishing fresh content, we were laying the groundwork for a larger community of sports travelers we hoped to attract to the site through cross-promotions and organic web searches.

The second version of the site (appearing above) was developed in 2009, and features a dropdown menu for each sports league, a rotating image carousel of user-submitted stadium photos, an editorial review of the stadium, and the opportunity for users to rate the stadium themselves, or even write their own review of the venue.

A 3.0 version is currently in development - having observed user behavior, conducted user surveys, and consulted with our writing community, we are reorganizing our review data to focus tightly on the game-day experience and somewhat away from detailed stadium reviews. By providing users with key information about the venue in the form of a Visitor's Guide - such as parking, weather, and food and drink pricing data - we are hoping to provide a better experience for our users and to increase our traffic.

At the time of this writing, Stadium Journey includes reviews of hundreds of stadiums across five continents and more than 17 sports leagues.
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