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    Client led Bachelor project with the collaboration of the Design Against Crime Research Center, NCR, LINK ATM and the Metropolitan Police.
the precaution system
preventing ATM crime
Users are often unaware of the dangers of ATM crime. Such lack of awareness means they may ignore security precautions while using an ATM and therefore risk their own information privacy. 
How to raise awareness in an easy way to ensure crime prevention, without raising fear?

The new ergonomic design of the cash point interface aims to protect the user’s information by transforming the users to be their own guards. It achieves this goal through the user’s physical interaction with their body. This new interface design only works if the user is standing close enough to the machine and shielding with the other hand the PIN number, while it is typed in. 
The system consists of two elements. The user needs to position one hand in such a way that naturally shields the keypad in order to make the keypad active. Which only remains active, if the contact is maintained throughout typing the PIN number. The design demands the user to shield with one hand while the PIN is entered with the other. Secondly, a built-in ultrasonic proximity sensor signals if the user stands too far from the ATM. This feature helps protect information by forcing the user to stand closer to the machine, defending personal privacy with the body.

ATM customers are directed by this design to use their own bodies to protect their personal information. The ergonomic design enables the user also to acquire, through repetition, the safest technique for using cash machines, while making it hard for perpetrators to commit any crime against them. If users became their own defenders, they are not only feeling unconsciously more protected, but also their awareness increases potentially.
the process 
NOTE: Those people with limited ability may find this design hard to use, therefore it is possible to exclude them using these extra features: by inserting a special chips in their cards.