Gignal is a social media aggregation engine, used for displaying content-specific rich media across several platforms. 
Events use Gignal to show live social updates on billboards, brands use Gignal to spark conversation and engagement to their product.

Gignal approached me to redesign their entire presence; from a new identity system and website, to on-site displays and social streams, as well as custom implementations for specific cases. is still in beta, and is at the time of writing still in the process of implementing the new designs. So stay close. 
First; the new identity system!
The brief revealed some conundrums; Gignal have a very broad user base, and thus the system has to be likable to almost anyone, and be fun but remain strict. 

It also has to be super legible, and fully readable both as a tiny "powered by Gignal" button in the corner, as well as on huge screens in sports arenas. 
It needs to be really no-fuss, to let the user clearly go forward without obstruction, but still be interesting enough if you want to hang around for a while.
The main logotype is derived from seven pixels making a capital G. It is surrounded by a circle representing the signal.
The main logotype is set in DIN, because rock steady is how we roll.

In extended typography we use Open Sans in various styles, a beautiful but delightfully legible typeface designed for the modern web.
To prove the point; A really big and really small logo.
Managing accounts and setting up events in the website interface can be daunting for some users.
With this in mind, we created a system that lets the user clearly see the task at hand and remain in control, but if you want to stick around, we'll give you something fun to look at.
Based on this, the navigation and main parts of all implementations should be light, friendly and action-focused, while illustrations and colorful imagery plays a supporting role.

And taking a hint from the wonderful Mailchimp, we let some friendly humor through the margins to make an otherwise dull task genuinely enjoyable.
Front page. To illustrate the moving streams, we utilize an awesome "curtains" technique to animate the content ans the user scrolls. 
Pricing page. All business, no fuss.
Prettiest buttons you ever saw.
Social stream for large displays. If Gignal is used at a convention for example. 
Website widget example. This large widget monitors your chosen hashtags, profiles or locations and displays them for you. Neat!
Custom implementation for the Roskilde festival website. Which basically means I designed 90% of the front page for the biggest festival in northern Europe. Awesome. Did I mention we got free tickets to the festival?
Audience at the festival, interacting with the LED billboard. 
Thanks for watching!