Directed by Caroline Cutaia

composed by Martin Meissonnier
lyrics by Stephane Balmino remixed by Sotoko
*this version is a short version of the track

this track, « Dream on » is a remix track from the LP KODAMA +
the original « Dream on » track is in the album KODAMA

Maïa Barouh

Kendall MUGLER and Melvin HANS / Dancers
Nicos ARGILLET / Director of photography
Lolie FOUQUET / focus puller
Hadrien GENEST / editor & colourist
Stéphane AVENEAU / gaffer
Thibault DANJOU / Electrician
Rimi URA / hair and make up
COULEUR PUNK A L'EAU/ Jewellery and tatoos
Eliza GEORGE / production director