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    visual identity for a ruin bar of Budapest.
ANKER'T Ruin bar identity
The concept behind ANKER'T:

The widely known hungarian Anker club's summer version is ANKER'T. Therefor, it is an open air place, which have just appeared for first time in 2012 June. The basic idea of the ANKER'T, was creating a unique place which has mostly minimal characteristic design. The aim of the owners was not to be one of a thousand of ruin bars in Budapest. Due to the concept, I let the original structure of the building to live. I used only the two fundamental colours, black and white complete it with some typographical gag. What gives the enterior a little twist, are the light-boxes, which are directing the guest's focus on the walls. I have found those old and messy walls attractive and tried to design an eternal identity for the bar.

Entrance (secondary door)
Bike storage room
Bike storage room
Bike storage room
Bike storage room
Man's toilets
Main bar
Buffet (lighting box)
Buffet (lighting box)
Central logo (lighting box)
Dancing / concert hall
Dancing / concert hall (lighting box)
Rear yard (plage)
Lounge (rear yard)
Lounge bar