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    Specialty wedding invitations and stationary.
Get Hitched
Get Hitched was a unique project to design for, as theclientele was my fiancé and myself. I have always found it difficult to designfor myself because of the ever-broadening scope of ideas and the many variedways in which the project can be executed. The drive and creativity which is souseful to a designer to overcome the often restrictive nature of client-drivenprojects almost becomes detrimental, as it becomes nigh impossible to reel inthe imagination to manageable, realistic levels. The only way I could dealwith this was to treat myself as I would any other client, setting myselfdeadlines and sticking to self-imposed rules.

I knew that I wantedour wedding invitations to be something that our friends and family wouldremember and hold on to, long after the wedding. I also wanted the invitationto deliver the essence of what we are as a couple. We are both highlyadventurous people - we love traveling, discovering new foods, going tomarkets, meeting new people and exploring the world with all of our senses. Ihence decided to create an invitation that would give our guests a small tasteof us and to share with them the treasures of new and exciting flavours. Itwould deliver beyond visual representation by including interactive packagingto appeal to touch and a mixed array of spices in the packets to delightthrough scent and taste. To put them together, we handcrafted small brownboxes, in which we placed seven individually designed and crafted packets ofspices, along with the wedding invitation details and information. For thewedding, I designed the stationery to reflect the theme articulated by theinvites. The intention was to show off a beautiful eclecticness whichrepresented the uniqueness of each spice and the uniqueness of the experienceswe have had together in the world that we love to enjoy.