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    Series of 15 Lego Paradisa sets drawings made with colouring pencils and black pens.
 "Lego Paradisa" is a new series of small drawings. 
They are all size A5. They are made on paper/sketchbook page with black pens and colouring pencils.
For those of you who weren't born in the eighties, the Lego Paradisa were a series of several sets for girls made and released by Lego in the nineties. They have unfortunately now disappeared. Me and my sisters actually had a few of these sets :) They had special pink bricks :) 
This idea came to me after starting to draw Lego men and women on my sketchbook .
I thought about trying to draw a whole Lego set and I thought about the Lego from my childhood and started to look for a picture of a Lego Paradisa set on line. I was able to find all the sets that were released in this series and there were about 18.
I was really happy with my first drawing below (The Lego Paradisa Country club) that I decided to draw almost all the sets, I kept all the main sets and completed those 15 drawings.
If you are in Ireland, I am selling prints and postcards in Dublin but if you are anywhere else in the world and interested we could work something out. 

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  Lego Paradisa Country Club,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Sidewalk Café,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Island Arcade,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Carriage Ride,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Poolside Paradise,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Seaside Holiday Cottage,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Sand Dollar Café,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Dolphin Point,Aurélie © 2012
     Lego Paradisa Fun Fair,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Rolling Acres Ranch,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Show Jumping Event,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Cabana Beach,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Paradise Playground,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Seaside Cabana,Aurélie © 2012
  Lego Paradisa Lifeguard,Aurélie © 2012